What to expect during your appointment

If this is your first time booking an appointment at True North Chiropractic we wanted to educate you on what you can expect when coming to your appointment. Please read the following carefully to ensure a seamless first visit with Dr. Erik.

The Initial Visit

When you first arrive, our front desk staff will provide you with the requisite new patient intake forms. Please arrive 20 minutes early to your appointment so you can fill out these forms.

During your first visit, your chiropractor will meet with you to discuss your specific health concerns and review with you your health history. In addition, a detailed examination will follow including neurological, orthopedic and spinal tests, what (if necessary) diagnostic testing may be required and what the appropriate course of care may be for you. This generally takes 20-30 minutes.

Once the nature of your health concern(s) has been determined, the doctor will work with you to identify your specific health goals and expectations and outline a care plan in order to achieve them.

Following the examination, most patients will receive same-day relief care unless contraindications are noted during the initial intake and case history.

The Follow-Up Visit

The second visit is also known as the Report of Findings, is where the patient is debriefed of the doctor’s findings from the previous visit and will help you decide about whether or not to move ahead with chiropractic care as well as other services we provide.

The patient will be given their diagnosis, a treatment plan and timeline and other recommendations for which they should begin to see improvement and a return in the quality of life.

Do I need X-Rays?

Radiographs, or x-rays are a specific diagnostic tool used to rule out any pathology or contraindication to chiropractic care. They essentially act as a blueprint to allow the doctor to identify any underlying spinal / structural imbalances which may be causing your spine-related issues and potentially slow down your care. Our goal is to always help and never to hurt a patient.

Some patients present to the office having had x-ray films taken in the past of a specific area related to a health concern. These are always welcome to be presented to the doctor. Depending on the type of injury sustained, or if it is a reoccurring injury, updated films may be warranted, especially if this is the reason you are presenting to the chiropractic office. Having an updated “blueprint” of your spine will increase the doctor’s diagnostic power and allow him to let the patient know where he or she is “right now”.

During your initial visit, you may be required to be sent out for x-ray films if the doctor:


Has reason to suspect any underlying pathology or spinal/structural imbalance


Your progress of care is slower than normal or none at all


You have sustained any recent bodily trauma (motor vehicle, sports, slip/fall, etc.)

Does “One Size Fit All?”

Just as no two snowflakes are the same, neither are two human beings, even twins. And neither is their care plan. At True North Chiropractic, we believe informed patients make better decisions about their health and well being.

We are realistic in our health care recommendations, and take into consideration the occupations and lifestyles of our patients and their families; where their current health status is and where they would like to go health-wise in the future.

In addition to acute injuries, there are those who consult with us whose spinal muscles have been chronically “working overtime” for many months or years; or have had lingering sports injuries. They typically report muscle issues as feeling tight, in spasm, knotted painful or burning. It might be beneficial for them to receive massage or acupuncture here in our office in order to speed a targeted spinal correction.

Realign more than just your spine

You'll experience more than just a spinal adjustment at True North Chiropractic. We'll help you get the life you had back before your pain or injury. Make your appointment with Dr. Erik today!

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