Insurance & Fees


With the exception of Medicare and No-Fault, Dr. Erik is an out-of-network participating provider with all insurance companies. If you choose to work with me, I will give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company if you have chiropractic coverage.


By working within an insurance model, I could not provide the highest level of individualized care, nor be able to spend the extensive time with you that I do each session at the rates insurance companies reimburse for chiropractic coverage.


New Patient Exam w/ first treatment: $80-100 (usually $80)

Each Chiropractic Visit thereafter ($30-40)*


*many insurance patient’s ‘specialist’ co-payments are this fee AND MORE


Treatments include: Chiropractic Care, Active Release Technique, Modalities (vibrating massage, ice/heat, if needed) and in-office demonstrated rehabilitative home care exercises with take-home weblinks. Office treatments will last between 15-30 minutes depending on what services you personally require.  

We are respectful around finances and we would never perform any service without discussing it and its cost with patients beforehand and receiving your approval. You will never be “stuck with a bill out of nowhere”.

Insurance and Fees

Keep Reading, Dear Patient:

When any health care provider contracts with your insurance, the rules change. The policy holder (i.e. you, the patient) is limited to whatever your policy covers. Meaning, your doctor (i.e., Dr. Erik) will be limited to ‘what your policy covers’ as opposed to what your body actually needs. And that’s not fair to you

Dr. Erik has been in practice since 2010 and has established himself in the Hudson Valley by referral basis. Meaning, people choose to self-pay rather than deal with the hassle of insurance claims.

THE REASON? Dr. Erik spends the time needed to get you feeling better and doesn’t see you as another number in the insurance line so he can get ‘paid’ that day. 

I cannot tell you how many times we have inherited patients from other chiropractic offices – not for reasons of care – but simply by insurance.

Oh, my chiropractor told me my benefits ran out, so I couldn’t be seen again, but I am still in pain.


 “My doctor only spends 5 minutes with me because he told me that’s all the coverage my plan gives me.”


My chiropractor doesn’t do anywhere near the prolonged muscle work or in-office exercise therapy education, that your (Dr. Erik’s) office provides.”


My doctor charged me extra for manual therapy, ice/heat and take-home exercises because he says my policy only covers the adjustment and I wasn’t expecting to pay anything other than my ever-increasing co-pay.


Chiropractors that accept insurance rates are usually seeing patients 2-3 times a week – because they have to, in order to stay in business. You are greeted to a waiting room full of people and you’ll probably wait 30-45 minutes minimum before you are seen.

When you are, your care is limited, short in duration (5-10 minutes, if lucky), formulaic (i.e. face down, crack, snap, in-out; see you later this week) and your treatment plan is mysteriously linked to however many office visits your policy covers.

Hmm, are you getting best coverage? Or being seen until your policy is maxed out? And how about those lovely ever-increasing copayments and annual deductibles you have to meet before coverage kicks in?


With me, Dr. Erik, your care is individualized and matches your current symptom levels. I spend the time (15-30 minutes) your body needs each session and will provide updated care recommendations (manual therapy, Active Release Technique) and upgraded care protocols (home care exercises with explanations and take-home web links) – at no added costs. No nickel and diming.  

Like I mentioned before, if you’ve been to any other chiropractor before, you understand why it makes sense to see someone like me who is a non-insurance, self-pay provider. The math ends up in your favor in terms of money spent, frequency of care needed (i.e. fewer visits needed, better service rendered, more money in your pocket).  

I’ve got the tools and the talent – you’ve got the body. Let’s match it up and get you back on track without the worry of insurance headaches. 







Blue Cross / Blue Shield


Cigna Health Care










United Health Care

*If you’d like to check your insurance, ask your representative for “out of network chiropractic coverage”.

If you do not have insurance coverage, chiropractic coverage is still an affordable therapy in which to pay out-of-pocket.

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