Want A Better Morning Routine?

by | Nov 25, 2020

You will learn:

Want to know the old me? He would wake up after hitting the snooze button several times. Fly into the shower (did I remember to use shampoo?). Inhale breakfast (no time for toothbrush). And head to work, hopefully not forgetting anything and watching out for speed traps along the way (zero tickets – phew).

I Need More Time!

What I found through living like this was that I was missing out. Missing out on relationships and letting my day happen to me, rather than for me. I was missing returning important emails. Setting up online meetings and wishing there was something I could do to be less stressed during my waking hours (and secretly wishing I could stop time to get all my crap done).

While I am still working on my time-turner (I will let you know when it’s ready), I wanted to share some early morning wisdom that has really helped me take back control of my life.

Finding More Time = Making More Time

Not as hard as you think. I have experimented with waking up 30 minutes earlier to as much as 90 minutes earlier and 30 feels about the sweet spot. I simply cut out the late-night television and endless social media scrolling and bam – there’s half an hour extra.

Want A Better Morning Routine? | True North Chiropractic | Erik UuksulainenThis allows me the time early in the morning before the house is awake to:

  • Silently reflect on my morning with that first sip of coffee
  • Answer emails from the day previous
  • Make notes (I am a Post-It fan) for the ‘must do’s’ of the day
  • Or to handle anything that might crop up – change over the laundry, put the dishes away

This also applies to exercise.

I have found that some mornings I will wake up 60-90 minutes early (because I know the day ahead will be long) and do my above routine as well as add in some exercise.

This could be walking while listening to a podcast to stimulate thinking or have a laugh; or some weights or cardio to get the body and mind reinvigorated. Heck, I may even use it to foam roll or stretch out if the weather outside is lousy.

The point is that no time is wasted because I have prepared for it to be used efficiently.

Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

Not a new concept here, but one bearing repeating.

If you know the day ahead will be long and arduous, why not set yourself up for success? Prepare yourself by taking care of the important things first – and letting go of the things that are less important when something unexpected crops up.

Having that check list (Post-Its) lets you see what you have accomplished that day and what remains. Can something be put off until tomorrow? Then do so. If not, then you know what you must do to get it done.

The Gift of More ‘You’ Time

By waking up early, you are giving yourself the gift of more time. Essentially carving our time you didn’t think you had before. We all have 24 hours in a day – what we choose to do with them is always our responsibility.

You may also choose to think about it as how are you ‘wasting your time’. Are you staying up too late on your phone or in front of the television? Why not log extra sleep and start afresh in the morning?


There is always time to be found and time that rightfully belongs to you. You just need to see where you can free up time in your day to become your most productive self. Take care of your mind, your body first – Netflix can always wait until the weekend.

And until next time,

Stay Healthy

-Doc Erik-

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